2000, Internet TV | Mitarbeit
Sexy Disco Group (Koper)

In congruity with the concept of hEXPO, the profile and the
function of tutors is multi-facetted: on the one hand, they
are in charge of the daily workshops during the festival. On
the other hand, they are the backbone of the festival's
evening program, providing the creative output through their
projects - concerts, performances, installations, video and
film presentations, lectures. This is a collective of people
who are consciously cultivating the cross-field approach in
their work, defying the borders of specialisation. If there
is one common denominator to be found for the tutors, then
this would be interdisciplinarity. In a more poetic language,
they could be named "one-man-battalion".

During the three weeks of hEXPO, three mobile working groups
of tutors and assistants will be organized, each changing
locations on a weekly basis.

Jacques Bigot (France)
Electronic engineer, sound engineer, computer programmer,
networking expert, designer of interactive systems. Works at
the Museum of technology in La Villete, Paris.

Franci Blaskovic (Croatia, Istria)
One of the most important figures in contemporary Istrian
cultural identity. He acts as singer, actor, musician,
composer, poet, painter, and public activist. With his wife
Arinka they produce one of the most popular broadcasts in the
region of Pula. He is also famous for being president of the
Anti - Tourist League and is a connoisseur of funghi.

Marko Brecelj (Slovenia)
In his first life he became a legend as one of the most
unique provokers on the ex-Yugoslav pop scene and the leader
of the controversal band Buldozer. He spent his second life
as a one-man-batallion performer and cultural activist. In
the third life, he is running a full-time social experiment
together with his wife Arijana for the last ten years. They
peform daily social, cultural and art engagement leading MKC
in Koper as the motor and promotor of self-organized
alternative culture in Slovenia. Marko Brecelj still has six
lives to go.

Dirk Bruinsma (The Netherlands)
Multi-instrumentalist and polymedia artist, member of the
Blast Ensemble. Composer and cultural activist.

Zlatko Buric (Croatia, Denmark)
A Psychology graduate, Zlatko is one of the co-founders of
Kugla Glumiste. He gained a status of an idol of non-native
citizens of Denmark through specific roles he played in
movies and theatre, as well as in music. Relentless
intermediator for culture and arts between North - West and
South - East Europe.

Gérard Couty (France, Germany)
Was the main force behind Frigo, an independent multimedia
production facility in Lyon in parallel to Radio Bellevue. He
works as independent electronic graphic designer for Arte
channel productions.

David Dronet (France)
Multimedia and video artist, the main force behind Station
Mir in Caen, France (media lab and artist in residency

Ulf Freyhoff (Germany)
New-media artist, platform-builder, networker, computer
specialist. Teacher for mixed-media at HfBK Hamburg.

Mike A. Hentz (USA,Switzerland, Germany)
Besides running projects like Minus delta T, Van Gogh TV,
Odyssee, Roma Machine, and Medusa, he had done countless
performances in the field of polymedia, workshops which
expaned social sculptures, and connected artists and
intellectuals throughout Eastern Europe long before Berlin
Wall had fallen.

David D'Heilly (USA, Japan)
Independent television producer, proficient in digital video,
art manager, and tactical media expert. He currently is based
in Japan and works on a global scale.

Jogi Hofmueller (Austria)
Programmer, one of the co-founders of Radio Helsinki in Graz,
system operator of mur.at server in Graz, member of 42

Reni Hofmueller (Austria)
musician, sound artist, performer, one of the co-founders of
Radio Helsinki in Graz, curator of ESC gallery, member of 42

Stephen Kovats (Canada/USA)
Canadian architect, lived and worked primarily in Dessau, and
Berlin, Germany from October 3, 1990 the day of German
unification until Y2K. There he established the Studio
Electronic Media Interpretation at the Bauhaus Dessau
Foundation where he initiated and ran numerous international
projects in the fields of architecture and electronic media
arts. His major projects have included the OSTRANENIE
Electronic Media Arts Forum, and the ARCHITONOMY
architectural media seminars. He is currently living in New
York City, and working on projects in Germany, Russia,
Slovenia and Ethiopia.

Bela Marias (Yugoslavia, Hungary)
A Hungarian from Vojvodina, he lives and works in Budapest as
a multi-instrumentalist, composer, painter, writer, art
critic, and organizer. He has been the leader of the band
Tudosok since 1991.

Miran Mohar (Slovenia)
Visual artist, cultural innovator and stern proponent of
self-promotion. Founding member of Irwin/NSK.

Bob Ostertag (USA
Composer, multi-instrumentalist, one of the great innovators
in the cross- field of computer technology, electronic music
and digital sampling. Founder of Say No More band (together
with Gerry Hemingway, Phil Minton and Mark Dresser), Ostertag
has composed pieces for himself, Say No More and other
ensembles including the Kronos Quartet, collaborated with
numerous musicians and toured world-wide.

Rotraut Pape (Germany)
Noted video artist, member of the Raskin performance group,
producer for Arte, author of multimedia and interactive
installations. Leader of video/tv workshops for Goethe
Institute in Africa and Asia.

Michel Piet (France)
cook, performer. Is involved in multi-media-art events in
international context together with artists from different

Toni Prug (Croatia, UK)
musician, mega-activist, one of the co-founders of
Independent Media Center network and Indymedia UK, web
designer, collaborator of Backspace.org.

Helmut Schaefer (Austria)
Creator of multimedia installations and computer generated
music and images, he has made live performances in
collaboration with Ars Elelctronica, Touch, Graham Haynes,
Zbigniew Karkowski.

Kolja alias Nick Soudnick (Russia)
Co-founder of the band ZGA, perfroming in former USSR, Europe
and Canada. Multi-insturmentalist, builder of insturments and
sound objects, working with self-invented electronics.

Misko Suvakovic (Yugoslavia)
Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Arts in
Belgrade, passionate theoretician and precise performer.
Probably the key thinker on contemporary art in the
present-(dooms)day Yugoslavia . Author of numerous books and

Zoran Todorovic (Yugoslavia)
visual artist, assistant at the Faculty of Fine Arts,
Belgrade; author of numerous installations and performances
that demonstrate radical human, social and political
engagement in the face of cultural conventions.

Marek Tuszynski (Poland)
NGO activist, Internet specialist, president of Second Hand
Bank, projector and manager of various programs and projects
in different fields.... which ones, read on a detailed
cv-page, created expecially for hEXPO

Chrisitan Vanderborght (France)
Multimedia artist and producer, director of Universcity TV
(the first European interactive -television network),
production manager for internet television Canalweb in Paris.

Zelimir Zilnik (Yugoslavia)
"enfant terrible" of Yugoslav cinema, banned author of
provocative films in the 60's and 70's, brilliant
documentarist, creator of original fiction-faction
cross-breeds, incessant producer of working situations
independent of superstructures. His films were shown on all
major festivals worldwide where they received many awards
from 1968 on, among which the Grand Prix of Berlin Film

In many ways similar to the profile of tutors, assistants are
interweaving different interests and activities through their
work. Chosen through an open competition, they range from
students to already established artists and professionals and
they share the aspiration to further explore the cross-fields
landscape. Together with the appointed tutors, assistants will
run the workshops, attend other workshops when not engaged
otherwise and last but not least contribute to the of the
festival program. In an optimal projection, there will be a
dynamic switching of roles between assistants and tutors: the
extent of exchange and the mutual ability for building various
types of communication interfaces will eventually build the core
of hEXPO.

Ivanka Apostolova (1973, Macedonia) - comics author,
Internet-based works, installationist - Major in Art History at
the University of Skopje

Anna Balint (Hungary) - editor, curator, organiser - BA in
Hungarian and French Literature and Language; Medieval Studies,
MA 1996; Renaissaince Studies, PhD 1998

Marc Behrens (1970, Germany) - musician, performer,
installationist, videast

Susanne Bellinghausen (Germany) - Architect, currently on
Master's studies in the Interactive Telecommunications Program of
NYU in New York City

Petra Binkova (1975, Czech Republic) - curator and organiser - BA
in Art History and Theory, University of Essex

Zeljko Blace (1976, Croatia) - video editor, Web designer,
radio/net activist - student of Multimedia Art department at the
Art Academy in Zagreb

Miro Blazanovic (1976, Croatia / Switzerland) -decorator,
performer, dancer - student of School of New Media and
Contemporary Arts (F&F), Zuerich

Ruxandra Butica (1972, Romania) - documentarist, TV reporter,
production manager - BA in Philology, University of Bucharest

Aleksandar Djordjevic (1978 , Yugoslavia) - computer designer /
illustrator, electronic musician, member of Corrosion group -
Major of Graphic Design at the Academy of Applied Arts, Belgrade

Igor Djordjevic (1975, Yugoslavia) - founder of Corrosion group -
computer designer and animator, Web designer, musician

Andreas Findeisen (1967, Austria) - philosopher, translator,
theoretician - BA in Philosophy and Classics

Marta Gligorijevic (1977, Yugoslavia) - student of Film and TV
Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Yugoslavia,
author of several student movies

Ivan Grubanov (1976, Yugoslavia) - computer graphics author,
videast; multimedia, Web projects and comics - Major in Painting
at the Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade

Vlastimir Ilic (1969, Yugoslavia) - cinematographer, digital
graphics designer and editor - BA in Cinematography at the
Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade

Valerija Kaslik (1976, Yugoslavia) - teacher, head of the
Creative Children's Workshop in Pancevo, performer – Pedagogical

Dziugas Katinas (1965, Lithuania) - performer, installationist,
videast - BA from Vilnius Academy of Arts

Elena Klaudis
(1973, UK / Czech R. / the Netherlands) - manager
with experience both in multinational companies and independent
artistic groups; scriptwriter and editor of graphic animations;
digital video editor - BA in Business and Marketing Communication
at the Greenwich University

Branislav Klasnja (Yugoslavia) - digital video editor, videast,
computer tutor - student of the Faculty of Agriculture at the
University of Novi Sad

Branislav Kovacevic (1975, Yugoslavia) - audio engineer, Web &
Graphics designer, DTP engineer, composer, musician - Faculty of
Informatics and Organisation Sciences, Faculty of Civil
Engineering, Belgrade

Kristina Kujundzic (1974, Yugoslavia) - Executive Director of the
Center for Youth Creativity, co-ordinator, producer - BA from the
University of Novi Sad

Ivan Marusic-Klif
(1969, Croatia / the Netherlands) - composer,
instllationist, stage designer, multimedia artist, lecturer at
Zagreb Arts Academy, Department of Multimedia - BA from School of
Audio Engineering, Amsterdam

Stipan Milodanovic
(1974, Yugoslavia) - videast, digital video
editor, activist, organiser of the Yugoslav Festival of Cheap
Film - Major in Philosophy from Subotica

Kan Muftic (1976, Bosnia / Switzerland) - videast, Web designer
from Sarajevo - student of School of New Media and Contemporary
Arts (F&F), Zuerich

Christopher Mueller (1970, Germany) - stage and light designer,
production manager, DJ - BA in American Cultural Studies,
University of Hamburg

Seth Nehil
(USA) - sound artist - BA in Studio Art (Transmedia -
audio&video editing, and printmaking) at the University of Texas
in Austin

Alessandro Quaranta
(1975, Italy) - visual artist, videast,
collaborator of Terra Nova Teater in Copenhagen - BA in Painting
at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Torino

Miroslaw Rajkowski (1958, Poland) - audio artist, activist,

David Rych (1974, Austria) - visual artist, videast, graphic

Jasmina Sarac (1977, Bosnia) - reporter at Vesta Radio in Tuzla -
School for Electroengineering

Ivana Sedej (1976, Yugoslavia) - producer, organiser, mediator;
one of the co-ordinators in the Sound Department of Media
Educational Centre in Novi Sad; student of Faculty of Technology
in Novi Sad

Oleg Sheloudyakov (1971, Russia) - visual artist, installationist
- BA from Humanistics Department at the Novosibirsk State

Evgenij Shkaruba (1966, Russia) - visual artist, installationist
- BA from the Fine Arts Academy in St. Petersburg

Vladimir Stijovic (1972, Montenegro / Yugoslavia) - computer
techinician, sound engineer, production manager, cultural
activist and radio programmer in Kotor, Montenegro - Major in
Theatre and Radio Production at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts,

Nikola Suica (1972, Yugoslavia) - co-ordinator of Sound
Department at the Media Educational Centre in Novi Sad; head of
production at Novi Sad Radio In; working in the field of research
of electronic sound

Valentin Tomic
(Tomici in Romanian) (1978, Yugoslavia) - computer
animator, videast, digital video editor, installationist,

Damir Tubak (1977, Croatia) - Web designer, activist, president
of K.S. Istarski Klub Rijeka

Katarina Visnar (1970, Slovenia) - art historian, conservationist
in the field of architecture, lesbian activist - MA in
Conservationism at the University of York, UK

Gato Leiras_Wenczel
(1971, Argentina / Germany) - composer and
performer (experimentation with sampling technology and live act)
from Argentina living in Berlin

Monika Wenczel (1965, Germany) - filmmaker and editor - MA in
Visual Communications

Helen Louise Worthington (1965, UK) - videast, installationist,
digital video editor, performer - BA in Fine Art

Ales Zemene (1968, Czech Republic / the Netherlands) - sound
engineer, musician, performer, DJ, radio moderator

Rahel Zweig (1962, Switzerland) - dancer, choreographer,
pedagogue; collaborato of Augusto Boal Theatre of the Opressed -
Dance and Movement Education and Therapy (Laban method); student
of F&F School of New Media in Zurich